1000mg Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil

1000mg Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil

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Full Spectrum L. Sativa Cannabis Oil

Made from 100% Organic Ingredients

Suspended in Organic Virgin Hemp Oil

1000mg CBD + the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in our specific strain of L. Sativa cannabis plant, from which the extract is derived. 


10% CBD + full spectrum

Average 185 drops per 10ml, 5.4mg of CBD per drop.

(Product strength equal to 3000mg CBD in 30ml bottle)


Virgin Hemp Oil, Sativa L, full plant extract.

Less than 0.2% THC.

A true Full Spectrum CBD product that is part of a novel food application. I

Our select species of hemp is plant is grown in Spain, by a team of experts from all over the world, all contributing to grow a plant that is high in CBD and other cannabinoids, perfect for creating ‘the entourage effect’ which many experts believe to create increased effects.

The plants are then processed in a specially designed sterile CO2 extraction lab in Spain, a pure, clean, high strength extract is then produced. This extract is the imported into to the UK and blended with winterised organic virgin hemp oil to create a clean, natural health supplement product, full of CBD and other cannabinoids, with a milder herby natural flavour in comparison to most other whole plant extract oils.

We encourage almost everyone who starts their journey on CBD to start slowly, less is more sometimes with a high quality CBD oil, but we also would prefer the chance to speak to you and see if we can help with any advice you need on your journey with CBD. 

You can ask us anything at anytime, we do have information links a the bottom of the main page, should you wish to read more about CBD on our website, or alternatively, we would be very happy to answer any queries you may have - just click the blue message button to connect you to one of our team who can provide expert advice.