How much CBD do I need?

What is a good starting dose for CBD?

It can be a very confusing time trying to decide what CBD to try. You've heard from others that CBD helps them but you've been left scratching your head over how much to take and of what strength. You're not alone and for people who are new to CBD, with so many options and not enough information around, its not surprising that you'd need a little help.

Using the correct amount of CBD (cannabidiol) in conjunction with other cannabinoids is critical to CBD having the optimal effect. This can also be one of the most difficult and time consuming things to get right.

This default advice given to people who start taking CBD is take a couple of drops a day and after a few days take a bit more - between this advice and the various percentages of CBD each bottle contains and the sometimes different sizes of bottles, this can be very confusing.


So I have a few pieces on advice that I wish I had, before I started on my CBD journey, in a bid to help you pick the best dose for your needs.

Tip Number 1 - Gain an Idea of how much by using a Dosage Calculator

Each person is different and everybody will have different reasons for taking CBD, what works for one person or for something like chronic pain will not necessarily be relevant to another person who would like to try CBD to try to help with insomnia. A good dosage calculator will give you an idea of how many milligrams a day to start taking. CBD Dosage Calculator


Tip Number 2 - Speak to an Expert.

Drop us a line at, or contact us via our Instagram or Facebook (biomedcbduk) and we'd be happy to help you, as you start out with CBD. We have years of research and experience behind us and would be able to guide you through the whole process. We will never try to sell you a product, unless it would be beneficial to you over other options.


Tip Number 3 - Listen to your body

If you aren't feeling the effects that you would have hoped for after a week of sticking to a constant dose, too may need to increase the dose. If you're feeling overwhelmed, under sleeping or indeed oversleeping, you may need to lower the dose. You know your own body. Fortunately CBD is non-toxic and has very few and mild side effects, so this is far less dangerous than playing with a dose of opiates or anti-depression medication.



The last thing I'll say is always consult a doctor in relation to any medication you may all ready be taking as it's possible that the interaction with CBD can effect some medications. This is usually because CBD can inhibit the enzymes in the liver responsible for breaking down some prescription medication. When these enzymes are inhibited, this can lead to more medication in your system than what is required and this can be extremely dangerous.

Hopefully this will help you on your journey with CBD, as per point one - if you do need any help or don;t understand any part of CBD, the dosages or the products available, please let us know and we'll use our years of expertise and training to best help you as an individual, rather than a number.


The Bio Med CBD Team