Welcome to Bio Med CBD

Welcome to Bio Med CBD!

I started this company for one simple reason. CBD helped me. Eventually.

There's a lot of poor quality products on the market that I tried, and some of these were very expensive! I never looked to see if the products came with test certificates and I never looked into their extraction methods. These products didn't help me and I was left somewhat a non-believer in CBD.

One sunny day, I was walking around Amsterdam and was persuaded to buy some Full Spectrum CBD Oil, suspended in hemp oil - although my confidence was somewhat shaky, and even at first I was unconvinced - the difference was night and day. Within weeks I would wake up without the all too familiar excruciating pain (straining for the jar of codeine) for the first time in months. CBD Oil hasn't cured my pain, but the lowered amount of pain combined with feeling no side effects, made me feel I should try to bring this high quality whole plant extract CBD to people in the UK that need it.

I decided to meet with the company's hemp grower in Spain (they have a law in the Netherlands that CBD products that were sold in the Netherlands, could not be grown in the Netherlands, despite the countries long history with it's THC rich sister plant, Marijuana). I wanted to help others by learning about all the possible benefits and bring this high quality product to people in the UK.

It's worth noting that our products are 100% legal (our products are derived from the L.Sativa strain of hemp plant that has a maximum allowable THC content of 0.2%) but unfortunately mainly due to a lack of research (and lack of funding for research), we cannot claim any medical benefits or claim that this treats any medical issue, however, I know this has helped me and I know it has helped others with a range of problems.

We keep costs low because we produce our products in the UK. This also helps  us with with fast delivery as we are often able to deliver within 2-3 days from order from our shipping centre.

We've decided to sell organic, full spectrum products wherever possible. As studies have found (which match my own experiences), there is an entourage effect from using whole hemp plant extract. Maybe that was the difference for me, maybe it was the tested and certified CBD content in the high quality oil produced using supercritical CO2 extraction method. Whatever the reason, it helped me, and I'd love for nothing more, than for it to help others.

We shipped samples to a lot of people and had a lot of positive feedback of our products. We've reached our goal of helping others and look forward to bringing our products to market in the UK, hopefully to help people who are looking for high quality CBD Oil at affordable prices. 

We'll also post information, we have a wealth of it through our own and other people's discoveries, studies and research. 

From time to time we run competitions in conjunction with offers for already low priced products to bring our products within reach of people who wouldn't normally be able to afford high grade whole hemp plant, full spectrum CBD Oil.

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We're convinced this is the highest quality available on the market, for comparably low prices (we'll do some comparisons in a later blog).

Thanks for spending the time reading this introduction. I hope you enjoy our products as much as I and the people who have used these have.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


The Bio Med CBD Team