Pain Solutions with CBD in the UK

Those who suffer from chronic pain, or those who experience pain as a symptom of a managed health condition know the value in being able to soothe themselves. Some of this may come from prescribed medication, physiotherapy, and general health maintenance.

That said, where other natural aids can help and not interfere with prescribed methods of care, it’s useful to be informed as to what these methods and products entail.

Enter CBD (Cannabidiol), serving as a cannabinoid. Most commonly found in cannabis, CBD products have become more and more popular for their role in anxiety and pain management. CBD products have been shown to relax and soothe those who may experience pain on a regular basis, also helping with encouraging natural sleep.

Note that CBD products, such as CBD oils, are different from consuming cannabis directly. As the main psychoactive ingredient, THC, is removed from refined CBD products, you need not worry about feeling ‘high’ or lightheaded. The effects are mostly felt in the body, encouraging a sense of peace and calm. As such, even medical specialists recommend its use.

Why CBD for Chronic Pain Relief?

Our endocannabinoid system is a cell-signalling system naturally predisposed to accept and break down the ingestion of cannabinoids. With CBD, these are known to create pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, which of course are two essential components of careful pain management.

With organic CBD oil, CBD extract, or CBD paste, you can choose how to ingest your CBD and the exact quantities by which you’ll consume it. For some, a calming balm is the easiest and healthiest manner in which to consume it. It’s important to remember those that deal with pain management may not wish to consume CBD in the same manner each day, and so having a variety of options is ideal.

What conditions can organic CBD aid with?

Alongside managing chronic pain conditions, research has shown that organic CBD can aid with the symptoms of:

  • Cancer and cancer treatments - including aiding with restfulness, generating an appetite, and reducing inflammation.
  • Migraines - suffering migraines is a debilitating condition for many. A daily dose of 200mg of organic CBD saw the potential for migraine attacks to be lowered by over 40%.
  • Arthritis - thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD is used as an anecdotal aid for many suffering from this condition, but further research is needed.

  • Many people enjoy using CBD products because they do not cause addiction, highs, or force you to suffer from detrimental after-effects after use. Some pain medications can be highly addictive and must be managed with discipline, and so it’s not hard to see the appeal.

    Note that it’s important for you to follow the advice of your medical professional and to meet with your Doctor before applying additional aids into your medication plan.

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