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In the last few weeks  (Minister of State for Crime and Policing) Kit Malthouse's letter contained a recommendation to the ACMD that the limit of THC in full spectrum CBD products be cut from 1mg to 0.01%. In most 10ml bottles of full spectrum CBD, this would be slashing the amount of THC by almost a tenth. This recommendation has been given despite zero reported harmful effects or illegal activity related to THC found in legal CBD oil. Given the previous legal situation explained here. I'm certain it is thought of by some as a conspiracy, given the novel food applications deadline was timed with the sale the UK's largest medical cannabis company for £7.3 Billion. But I'm not here to comment on that. I'm here to comment on Full Spectrum products.

This combined with the drugs council Cannabis body 0.03% THC ruling can only push people into a black market, making criminals out of hundreds of thousands of full spectrum CBD users.

Businesses in the UK have also reportedly not applied en mass for full spectrum products to be included in their novel foods applications, this is reportedly due to the difficulty in coming up with a harm/risk assessment for all of the 113+ cannabinoids known to exist in the cannabis plant. This combined with the letter from the Minister of State for Crime and Policing shows a move toward isolated products, which, although this will undoubtedly provide some with benefits, it's in no way, shape or form the best product for the vast majority of people.

On 11th March 2021, the FSA released this update to the novel foods application saga here

So as of the first of April, to be able to continue selling CBD products that class as (however wrongly I feel this is) a "novel food" those products must have been on the market before 13th February 2020 and be part of a submitted novel foods application.

No doubt realising an overwhelming number of dossiers were submitted very late, the FSA have decided to extend this deadline and they will create, publish and continuously update a list of products that have validated applications on their website in April. 



We deal overwhelmingly with whole plant full spectrum CBD products at Bio Med CBD, we believe that, based on personal and family experiences, full spectrum oil is the most beneficial product for most people. We strongly believe that THC has a vital role to play in conjunction with other cannabinoids, to be able to maximise the potential healing properties of CBD. There are studies, like this one here that found THC significantly helped the effectiveness of CBD.

It seems out of our hands at the present time as suppliers, manufactures, sellers of products as to what will happen, and full specrum could, taking the above into consideration, likely be out of the easy grasp of consumers in the near future.

This isn't what anybody wanted from a regulated industry. People were promised that the industry would get better, the product quality levels would be improved and they likely believed, as i did, that you would have a greater chance of buying an oil that would show benefits. Unfortunately what we are beginning to see, is in fact the opposite and as a consumer, I'm furious that the government and FSA are systematically removing whole plant extracts from the market and you should be too!!

What can I do now?

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What are my choices on the first of April if I take full spectrum CBD products and I know those are the best for me?

1. In early April, we know that we will still be selling full spectrum CBD Products here at Bio Med CBD. We, like everyone else, are not sure how long this will be for.

2. The company that you've been dealing with may decide to make sales off books, ion which case you can carry on getting your oils, there is obviously a risk associated from this for both supplier and consumer.

3. Try a decent broad spectrum product, and see if this has enough of an impact. You may need a higher dose, you may not, depending on the reason you take CBD Oil.

4. Search for CBD in an illegal and unregulated market, exactly what the regulations were brought in to do in the first place. You then run the risk of being targeted my confidence tricksters, a vast range in quality of products and no consumer protections whatsoever.

Obviously in the meantime if your supplier for full spectrum oils no longer sells full spectrum oils and this is what you need, we'd be happy to help.

Bio Med CBD is part of a conglomerate novel foods application that has been submitted to the FSA for full spectrum products - we will still be supplying full spectrum products on the 1st of April, but we're (as is everyone in the industry) are unsure as to how long we will actually be able to.

What can I do to stop the government taking away my food supplement that isn't causing me any harm and is helping me?

At Bio Med CBD, we support the ongoing work that Seed Our Future is doing. SOF are bringing CBD users together in the fight stop increasingly backward steps for the future of the hemp plant. Please have a look at the link below, send a letter to your MP (even if you don't take or sell full spectrum products), so that these can be continued to be supplied to the people that rely on them.

Thank you, we look forward to being able to help people in the short term with their full spectrum needs following most companies ceasing to sell full spectrum on the First of April 2021, however - Please help us, help the industry and help those that rely on full Spectrum CBD by supporting the Seed Our Future Campaign and making your voice heard so the industry is able to sell full spectrum products far into the future.

Thanks again,

The Bio Med CBD Team

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