Did you know CBD can help you sleep better at night?


Doctors recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night for each adult, though of course different people need different amounts of sleep. However, experts warn about short nights of six hours of sleep or fewer, which is insufficient and unhealthy. 

Where does the British population stand against these figures? According to a YouGov survey, 18% of Britons get less than six hours of sleep, affecting their immune system, concentration, and energy levels during the day. Unfortunately, this trend is not new. Insomnia statistics for 2021 reveal that 20% of Britons experience trouble falling asleep every night, and up to 36% of adults struggle on a weekly basis. 

According to research, organic CBD oil and other CBD products could be used to improve sleep quality and combat insomnia. How can you use CBD for sleep? We review how and why CBD could work for you below. 

What causes insomnia?

To understand the impact of CBD on sleep quality, it is essential to understand the cause of insomnia. 

Insomnia can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Environmental factors, such as an uncomfortable bed or loud neighbourhood
  • Excessive caffeine consumption during the day: Doctors suggest avoiding caffeine at least six hours before bed
  • Physical issues, such as restless leg syndrome or chronic pain
  • Medication that affects sleep quality and sleep-wake cycles
  • Mental health issues, such as stress, depression, and anxiety

Research suggests that CBD extract can help treat some of these causes of insomnia. 

Is there reliable evidence of sleep benefits from CBD? 

There is solid evidence that taking CBD could help with some of the most significant causes of sleeplessness. 

CBD and chronic pain: Chronic pain is difficult to manage and can keep you awake. According to a 2018 study published in frontiers in Pharmacology, CBD paste and other products can provide an effective pain management strategy. Indeed, CBD activates receptors in the body (CB1 and CB2) to act on pain targets. They reduce pain signalling and inflammation throughout the body. 

CBD and sleep-wake cycles: Several studies review the role of CBD for sleep cycle disorders. Indeed, a 2014 study showed that CBD could improve Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep quality in individuals with Parkinson's disease, ensuring undisrupted sleep. Additionally, another 2017 study also explored the use of CBD to reduce daytime sleepiness. As lack of sleep can cause grogginess during the day, it can affect the natural sleep-wake cycle. Using CBD to stimulate daytime alertness helps introduce a consistent sleep-wake cycle. 

CBD and anxiety: Research published in 2019 evaluates the effects of CBD extract on anxiety disorders. The study involved 72 individuals experiencing either anxiety and/or insomnia. The subjects received 25 mg of CBD each day. Within the first month, almost 80% reported lower levels of anxiety. Sleep quality also improved for two-thirds of the group. 

How can CBD UK products improve Britons' sleep?

It is fair to say that CBD can't target all causes of insomnia. Dietary adjustments, for instance, can keep caffeine consumption under control and reduce sleeplessness. Additionally, environmental factors need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis, focusing on creating a comfortable and quiet sleep environment, whether this means upgrading the mattress or investing in quality earplugs. 

However, there are significant sleep benefits from CBD use for individuals who experience insomnia related to chronic pain, disruption of sleep cycles, and mental health issues. Indeed, CBD extract has a positive effect by creating changes in the activity of cells, hormones, and neurotransmitters throughout the body and the brain. As a result of these interactions, CBD can influence body functions to regulate sleep-wake cycles, inflammation, pain perception, and emotional disorders. By taking the root of sleep problems, CBD could effectively improve sleep quality for millions of Britons.  

How to take CBD for sleep in the UK

CBD is fully authorised and legal in the UK. However, its use and consumption must respect specific criteria:

  • CBD must be packaged in liquid form, such as organic CBD oil
  • THC concentration must be under 0.2%

It is important to understand the difference between cannabis and cannabidiol. The cannabis plant, or hemp, is used to produce psychotropic substances, such as marijuana, and CBD. While marijuana contains high amounts of THC, the psychotropic substance responsible for addiction and euphoria, CBD has only minute traces. As a result, taking CBD paste or another derivative product is addiction-free and non-euphoric. 

British customers need to make sure to purchase CBD UK products, which are specifically designed for UK consumption. Indeed, other countries in Europe follow different regulations, allowing THC concentration of up to 1% in some places.

What is the best CBD dosage for sleep?

Figuring out the right amount of CBD for your needs will depend on a variety of factors:

  • the concentration of CBD in your product of choice
  • the severity of the condition you are treating
  • your body weight
  • your unique body chemistry

It is worth noting that patients taking CBD for anxiety in the 2019 study didn't report improvements before one month. Finding the right CBD dosage requires patience. 

Ideally, doctors and experts recommend starting with a small dosage and increasing gradually. Typically, you can start with 20mg to 40mg a day. After a week, if you feel the dosage is insufficient, you can increase it by 5 mg. You can repeat the process until you notice improvements. 

How much CBD is too much: When it comes to safe dosages, studies in 2011 and 2017 confirm that human beings can safely use up to 1,500mg per day. Side effects can include diarrhoea, changes in weight and appetite, and tiredness. However, compared with other medications used to treat similar conditions, CBD is a safer alternative. 

A 2019 study warns about potential drug interactions when taking CBD and the risk of prolonged, high-dosage use. It is essential to discuss taking CBD with your GP first. 

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