A Proud Supporter of Jak's Legacy: Saving Dogs in Eastern Europe and Beyond


At Bio Med CBD, we decided not to run any competitions in March, April and May. Instead we decided to donate what we would have given away (and more) to an incredible cause based in our native North Yorkshire, who support charities undertaking vital work to help dogs in Eastern Europe and beyond.


Jak's Legacy

A Little About Jak's Legacy...

Jak's Legacy are a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to help small rescues save dogs in Eastern Europe. Their mission is to provide support to these rescues by sending supplies, fundraising, and advocating for the welfare of animals in need. They are passionate about making a difference and giving these innocent animals a chance at a better life.

Their work focuses on helping groups get dogs and cats out of overcrowded and often horrendous public shelters to safety. They work closely with a family who runs a small shelter and takes in dogs who have nothing and send them straw, food, and much-needed medications whenever they are able. Every month, a dedicated couple brings a van filled with dogs and cats to be re-homed in the UK. The couple have just set off with a van loaded with supplies to help more dogs and cats get food and medications.


What are they raising support for?

One of the current key initiatives is to provide funding for an operating table for the rescue shelter they work with, so the vet can perform spay and neuter surgeries. This not only helps the rescue dogs and other animals they save, but it also helps prevent street dogs and cats from having more unwanted litters, thus reducing the population of stray animals on the streets.

They have built strong relationships with the rescues they support. Many of the team members have visited the shelters and the volunteers in person to understand their needs and provide hands-on assistance. They are currently planning a visit to meet the lovely couple who come over every month to collect donations and witness the impact of the wonderful work first-hand.

One of the key drivers of the fundraising efforts is the online auctions, held every month to raise funds to keep around a dozen dogs safe in pens over there until they can have them adopted in the UK. So far, Jak's legacy have helped re-home around 70 dogs, and they continue to work tirelessly to find loving homes for more animals in need.


What else do they do?

In addition to the work in Eastern Europe, they have recently taken on a small group in Bosnia, and we are focused on providing them with support and assistance. The group in Bosnia helps rescue dogs from two kill shelters, and we provide them with food and other essential supplies. Many of these dogs are elderly or traumatized and need extensive care and attention. The charity are committed to providing them with the necessary resources to improve their lives and well-being.


Why and How did this come about?

Like at Bio Med, the work at Jak's Legacy is fueled by love and passion for animals, especially those who have been abandoned, mistreated, or neglected. They believe as we do, that every animal deserves a chance at a better life, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact.

They are incredibly grateful for the support received from their amazing group of volunteers, donors, and supporters who share the vision and join Jak's Legacy in their mission to save animals in need. And of course Jak, who inspired Kate and the Collier family to start the organisation in his memory - who continues to be the driving force behind the efforts.


How can you get involved?

Its understood that not everyone is able to donate money, but they appreciate any support, no matter how small. In addition to monetary donations, they are also grateful for donations of supplies, such as food, medications, and other essential items that can help us provide better care for the animals they rescue.

If you are interested in supporting Jak's Legacy, please visit their Facebook page here to learn more about our work and how you could get involved. Thank you for supporting Bio Med, who in turn are trying to make a small difference in the world, donating regularly to charitable causes that share our beliefs. As we grow as a company, we can help more and more.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these animals and give them the second chance they deserve. Thank you all for your support, and let's continue to work together to save more lives and create a better world for animals in need.


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